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Vertical Sunbeds

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Vertical Sunbeds

These vertical sunbeds are quick to assemble and take up less than 1m² of floor space and come with 24 high power tubes. This means any room in your home can now become your own personal tanning salon. Please call for full details of our very competitive rates.

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  • Fully Enclosed Cubicle complete with Door
  • Fast Tan with Up To 25x 250w Tubes
  • Compact Design for Easy Installation in Most Homes
  • Twin 10 Minute Safety Timers
  • Integrated Cooling Fan in the Roof
  • Vertical Tanning Sunshower

You can now hire a high-powered vertical sunbed for home use!
Our vertical sunbeds are compact and are installed in most homes quickly and easily. The units are delivered in 5 sections which fit through any standard door.

Each unit is around the same size as a standard bathroom shower: 1m² x 184cm High

For home sunbed hire in the Isle of Man please call us on 07624 422592 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Our Caribbean Sunbeds

  • 26 Full Length Tubes
  • Robust Design & Modern Finish
  • Evolution Electronic Low Energy High Power RUVA Tubes
  • No Starters Required
  • ONLY 1 x 13 AMP Plug
  • Light Weight Panels and Electronic Ballasts
  • 2 x 10 Minute Timers
  • Full Length Customer Operated Body Breeze Panel
  • 15.8 kg Panels
  • Hour Counter Fitted
  • Large 700mm Internal Tanning Area
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