Sunbed Hire Isle of Man

Fits over most single or double beds

Single Canopy Sunbeds

Lightweight and easy to lift

Single Canopy Sunbeds

Foldaway single canopy sunbeds are  designed for use in the home and are very easy to transport, manoeuver and store. Foldaway canopy sunbeds can be positioned over an existing bed, a  chair or even a sunlounger due to their simple swivel action, they also have a  hydraulic gas strut in the stand  which makes adjusting the height easy to do. These sunbeds are very popular especially when space is a premium.

single canopy 1
single canopy 2
single canopy 3

For home sunbed hire in the Isle of Man please call us on 07624 422592 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Home sunbed hire on the Isle of Man, call 07624 422592