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Sunbed Hire Isle of Man

Our Area

We cover all areas of the Isle of Man.

Supertan Sunbeds has been established for over 30 years providing sunbeds for home hire. We can offer help and advise in choosing the correct sunbed to meet your own individual circumstances. Our home hire sunbeds are delivered direct to your home and there are no hidden delivery charges.

NEW for this year, the latest Black Shadow and Caribbean Electronic Vertical stand up sunbeds for even better tanning results. Also NEW, Anti-Aging Red Light Collagen Therapy units. For both facial and full body benefits, this fantastic therapy works in a completely non-invasive way to encourage your own cells to naturally stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin in the skin. As we age, the Collagen and Elastin production levels decline and therefore result in the skin becoming weaker and thinner leading to fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Regular use of red light therapy can assist with the reduction of these fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sunspots and aids in cell renewal and the regeneration of your own collagen and elastin stores. Science meets beauty; all-over anti-aging in the comfort of your own home. 

Your sunbed home hire specialists

Supertan Sunbeds carry a wide range of sunbeds for home hire. You can get a beautiful sunkissed, glowing tan in the comfort and safety of your own home. Hiring a sunbed for personal home use is an economical option which can be tailored to meet your own particular needs.

Choose from our comprehensive selection of sunbeds.

You may choose the traditional option to lie under a single or double canopy, or choose from the latest stand up vertical sunshowers which ensure that perfect all year round tan. All our home hire sunbeds come with full instructions, and goggles are always given FREE of charge. Please call us on 07624-422592 or 01624-660552 for all your enquiries.


Enjoy a perfect sunkissed tan all year round!

Look Good, Feel Great!

Build up your tan before you go on holiday.

When tanning outdoors outside factors such as wind and air temperature can often affect your tanning which may mean you tan faster than you expected leading to sunburn, or conversely it may take much longer than you expected.

Controlled, regular sunbed tanning sessions in your own home can help to eliminate these risks; leaving you with that perfect all over tan.
Choose from single canopies, double lie down or stand up verticals sunbeds. All delivered and set up in the room of your choice by our experienced and friendly staff.

For home sunbed hire in the Isle of Man please call Supertan Sunbeds on 07624 422592. We have a wide range of sunbeds available for home hire. Choose from stand up sunbeds which are fitted with up to 250W tubes to give you great tanning results, double lie downs or single canopy sunbeds.

Tube sales are also available. We supply most makes and types of tube to fit most sunbeds.

Vertical Sunbed Hire

"Probably one of the best domestic vertical tanning units on the market today!" The vertical sunbeds are ideal for home hire as they require hardly any space, (approx 1 sq metre). They come with up to 24 of the latest fast tanning tubes so you can now bring the tanning salon experience into the comfort of your own home. Designed specifically for home use these domestic vertical tanning units are fantastic, compact solutions to your home tanning needs.

vertical sunbed 1 mobile
caribbean sunbed closed
vertical sunbed 1
vertical sunbed 2
vertical sunbed 3
caribbean sunbed closed
vertical sunbed 4

Double Canopy Sunbed Hire

These comfortable sunbeds are perfect if you want to tan whilst relaxing; no standing or moving around, just simple laid back home tanning. With the latest fast tanning tubes a perfect tan can soon be yours! Taking up similar space to a single bed the double lie down sunbeds 

double canopy 1 mobile
double canopy 1
double canopy 2
double canopy 3

Single Canopy Sunbed Hire

Foldaway single canopy sunbeds are  designed for use in the home and are very easy to transport, manoeuvre and store. Foldaway canopy sunbeds can be positioned over an existing bed, a chair or even a sunlounger due to their simple swivel action. They also have a hydraulic gas strut in the stand which makes adjusting the height easy to do. These sunbeds are very popular especially when space is a premium.

single canopy 1 mobile
single canopy 1
single canopy 2
single canopy 3

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For home sunbed hire in the Isle of Man please call us on 07624 422592 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Home sunbed hire on the Isle of Man, call 07624 422592